The Woman

I’m just a girl with a restless spirit, on an adventure, trying to make the world a better place




10 thoughts on “The Woman

  1. Hi Nola – great blog!!! Is this picture at Lake Louise? I’ll also be a TDA 2012 rider. Looking forward to meeting you in Cairo. I’ll also be in the back pack – I figure that’s where all the cool kids will be – haha!

    • Hi Carla! Nice to hear from you. Yes, the cool kids will be at the back 😀 Yes, that picture is at Lake Louise. I’m from Alberta too – born in Edmonton, but spent many years in Calgary. I was just there in July. Looking forward to meeting you too!
      Hugs back

  2. Lynda Kooymans

    Congratulations Nola… you are an inspiration! Can’t wait to read all about it, have a GREAT time!!!
    Lynda K.

  3. Karl Tuira

    Hey Nola – You and Gizele !! What could go wrong … 🙂

  4. joe r

    Good luck Nola. You are awesome. You are doing what most people only dream of. Way to enjoy life and helping to make the world a better place at the same time.
    Ride safe
    Joe [cyclepath oakville]

  5. Vanessa Jakeman

    Hi Nola,

    Just been reading your blogs – what an amazing experience you must be having! Say hi to Africa for me – it’s such a beautiful place, with so much heart. And you are such an amazing person for doing this. We are all thinking of you and following your trip.

    Love Ness, Chris and Hannah xx

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