The Reason

What more can I say? This is how I’ve felt about Africa since my first trip there in 2012




3 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. You go girl! As the saying goes, all things in their time and your time is now. I can’t wait to read about your adventures over the next four months. My daughter and I went to Kenya two years ago with Free the Children on a trip not nearly as ambitious as yours – but from the moment my feet hit the red Kenyan soil, I was forever changed. You are giving and you will receive much in return. And as you cycle around the majestic vistas, remember that supporters from your home town are cheering you on. Lyn

    • Thank you Lyn! Your comments and support are so much appreciated. And thank you so much again for your kind donation. I love your blog & I’ll stay tuned. Seems like you and I have a similar mindset in many ways!


  2. Lyn I just noticed you mentioned me on your blog – thanks so much!

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