Random pictures

I’m counting down the hours now until I leave. I feel a bit like a kid waiting for Christmas – all excited and trying to find ways to fill the time until the big day. So as a way to fill time, I thought I’d take some random pictures.

This is my new fashion accessory – a head sweat. It’s supposed to divert sweat away from my forehead. I was a little worried that it would make me look like a dork……









But I needn’t have worried

Training in the sandpit – beware the camels in the background









But the sign gives fair warning









Recovery after a training ride. Don’t think I’ll be doing much of this in Africa unless I can find a way to fit the hot tub into my bike box









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6 thoughts on “Random pictures

  1. You must be getting excited! I hope your adventure delivers all that you have hoped, and more. When times get tough just remember the good you are doing for a cause that affects millions of people. Your Oakville neighbour is cheering you on. Go Nola go!

  2. A hot tub in Dubai?? Surely it should be a cold tub. I love your fashion accessory. You look amazing in it!

    • Yes, I’m doing my best to look amazing 😀 After a few days riding, I don’t think I’ll be looking amazing LOL. But I’ll definitely try and find more fashion accessories along the way

  3. Lynda Kooymans

    If anyone can do it… YOU CAN!!! I will be thinking about you every day… and sending you “good vibrations”! And just think of all the people you know who can massage you when you get back 🙂
    Best wishes Nola!!!!!

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