Section 2 starts tomorrow!

We’ve finished the first section of the tour, Pharaohs Delight, and are in Khartoum, having cycled nearly 2000 kms. The days are long and hot, with the distances often more than 148 kms per day. But at least the roads have been good – all paved and in good condition. Tomorrow we start section 2 – The Gorge. In a couple of days we’ll put our big tires on and cycle off road, then we go into the mountains of Ethiopia šŸ˜® which will no doubt be a true test of idiocy, oops I mean grit, determination, tenacity, and…….idiocy šŸ˜€

Let the fun begin! Next post – Gondar

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8 thoughts on “Section 2 starts tomorrow!

  1. Karl Tuira

    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
    What a life long rush …
    Congrats on being fool hardy !!
    Luv the posts Karl

  2. Happy Birthday Nola.Sounds like you’re having an amazing adventure.We’re looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. xx Diane, Bill, Lizzie, Lottie.

  3. Elvira

    Hey Nola, it’s great to be able to follow your adventure. You give a whole new meaning to ‘true grit’.

    Keep safe.


  4. kelly

    A Happy Belated Birthday Nola!
    Thanks for the posts Nola, truly enjoying reading them & living vicariously thru them : )
    Rade safe & be well…

    Much health, love, laughter & endless adventure…


  5. Lynda Kooymans

    I am amazed and inspired… having the time of your life no doubt!

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