Onward and Forward

I have Internet! I can finally post! Thank you so much to everyone who sent me good wishes for a speedy recovery. Yes, I’m back on the bike! It hasn’t always been easy as I am definitely nervous on the descents, of which there are many.

Kenya was a bit of a blur – only 1 day cycling there before we crossed the border into Tanzania. What can I say? Tanzania – love, love, love it. Most of us agree that it has been the highlight of the tour. It has safaris, it’s greener than you could imagine, the sky is bluer than I would have thought possible, it’s slow paced yet energetic and vibrant at the same time, it’s colourful, it has great beer and chapatti (a type of bread)…….

It’s also very hot and humid. Cycling days are long and sweaty. Fortunately, there its never too far to the next village where we could take a break and have a cold drink. Coke stops have become our lifeblood. In principle, I dislike Coca-colonization – Coca Cola’s goal to invade every country and make Coke the world’s #1 drink, but when you are hot, tired and thirsty, principles be damned! The coke stops gave us a chance to sit and relax and visit with local people. The people, to me, are the heartbeat of Africa.

A challenge for many people is to adjust to the pace of life here. Things run on what we call “Tanzania” time. For people used to a faster paced lifestyle….well, it can take some getting used to, but I love it. It really makes you enjoy the moment and realize that everything is as it should be. So I’m one of the last to get to camp in the afternoon – who cares? There’s nothing much to do there anyway.

And the safari!!! On a 3 day rest break in Arusha, a group of us went to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengetti. OMG!!!!!!!! Lions walking up to the truck, giraffes casually munching on trees a few feet away, hippos floating in pools, wildebeasts playing, hyenas stalking their prey – I can’t possibly describe the experience and do it justice, so I’ll just say !!!!!!!!!!!! Fill in whatever adjectives you want. Next rest day – Lilongwe, Malawi

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4 thoughts on “Onward and Forward

  1. denisecoburn

    oh my goodness—— these pictures are utterly amazing
    I was in Kenya in mid 80’s —yes yes a long time ago ,, and I look at these pictures with such great memories
    looks like you had an amazing safari

    so glad you are back on the ride– stay safe


    • Thanks Denise – so glad you enjoyed the pics and glad they bring back happy memories for you. Thanks for your continued support

  2. pictures are so so amazing
    glad to see you back in the saddle

  3. Thanks Denise. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

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