Malawi – A Hidden Gem

A few days ago we crossed into Malawi. What a treat. The scenery is beautiful, the people are friendly, warm and generous – in fact Malawi is known as the heart of Africa. And of course, the cycling was challenging, as usual, with some big ass hills to climb, so we felt like we had earned our rest day at Chitimba Beach. Chitimba Beach was a pleasant surprise. There was a beautiful sandy beach, hot sunny weather, and warm blue water to float around in and relax. There was even beach volleyball.

Of course, we had to pay the piper the next day when we headed out on our way to Lilongwe. We had a “mando” day. Mando (mandatory) days mean that the racers can’t miss it. Whenever we see Mando day, we know we’re in for a tough day. Our expectations were met with really big ass 20 km. climb in the middle of the day.

And of course, there was the inevitable coke stop – it seems I’m now addicted. These have become the highlight of my day. But they are getting rarer and rarer – what will I do without them?

Here are some pics of scenery, chilling at the beach, having fun with local kids, coke stops, cutting the grass Malawi srtyle. Unfortunately some are a little out of focus because I took them at the top of a climb and my heart rate was still sky high. But you get the picture.

Next rest day – Lusaka, Zambia








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2 thoughts on “Malawi – A Hidden Gem

  1. Nola – what a thoroughly amazing journey you are making. I can see that it is delivering all that you had hoped. Thank you for sharing and taking us along with you. Be well and stay strong!

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