I am finished!

Well, it has been awhile since I blogged, so I hope someone will tune in! My best excuse is that I didn’t always have internet…..but I’ll update this soon with pictures and everything!

Anyway, I am back in Dubai, where I embarked on this journey. Here is the final tally:

The final tally:

11,677 kms

17 weeks

11 countries

23 passport stamps

5 time changes

1 sea

2 oceans

2 hemispheres

120 sunrises

120 sunsets

5 full moons

1 super moon

108 campsites

94 cycling days

1 naked cycling day

countless coke stops

1 naked coke stop

6 flat tires

30 gears

2 crashes

4 broken ribs

80 anti-malarial tablets

countless anti-inflammatory tablets

118 laughing days

2 crying days

countless new friends

AND at least 1,000,000 smiles!

Here’s a couple of photos of me at the finish: (OK they’re a little BIG, but the finish was BIG)

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4 thoughts on “I am finished!

  1. kelly

    Congratulations Nola! You did it…good on you. You look sensational btw, loving the hair!
    Anxious to hear all about it!

    take care and get some rest : )

    big hug


  2. Lynda

    You are truly an amazing inspiration… congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

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