Getting organized

The most challenging thing about this trip, for me, is the organization involved in getting ready to go. I’m having to think about getting visas, immunizations, doing the training, work, figuring out how to get everything I think I’ll need or want to use in 4 months into 2 small bags which is no easy feat!

Then, of course, is the challenge of  trying to decide what technology to take. Do I take an iPad? Netbook? iPhone? Camera? Video Camera? iPod? Kindle? GPS? What about charging devices? What about adapters for different countries? Ahh, life must have been so simple before electronics.

So that’s what I’m going these days – trying to get organized to go. Although the bike trip doesn’t leave til January, I am actually leaving Canada on Dec. 21. I’m going to Thailand via Dubai to spend Christmas with Mike and Shae, so I need to think about what I’ll need then.

Next mission: off to The CyclePath, the bike store in Oakville, to decide what spare bike parts to take with me. They have been great at helping me with the bike so I would  be remiss if I didn’t mention them here!

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2 thoughts on “Getting organized

  1. Dora Dolabela

    Oh Nola! I can’t imagine all the doubts you have about what to take with you! I would be over packed for sure! I would have to have to bikes!!! LOL
    I suggest I post about it, when you get done with it!
    Good luck !!!

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