I got my first of several visas today and am now cleared to enter Ethiopia. There is a new Ethiopian consulate in Toronto and the process to get the visa was very quick and painless – I had it within a week.

The next one to apply for is Sudan. I can’t apply more than 2 months before we are to enter Sudan, which be on January 24, 2012. This could be a little tricky because the website says the process can take 3 – 5 weeks and I need my passport back before December 21 which is when I leave for Dubai! It’s hard not to get a little stressed about this as I’m not sure what I’ll do if the process is delayed. 😮

I’m trying to keep the Law of Detachment in the back of my mind – I can’t control the outcome, but I can control my reaction. So if I don’t get my passport back by December 21, I’ll just have to go to Plan B, although I have no idea what that is right now. Guess I better start thinking of a plan!

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